The competitions are launched every year by order of the Minister of Public Service in proportion to the demands of governments. Each competition is subject to a specific order. Competitions are held at one center in Yaoundé.



1. a request for registration stamped (template provided); two identical 4×4 photos;

2. A certified copy of the diploma;

3. A presentation of the original certificate of graduation;

4. a receipt for payment of registration fee issued by the Accountant of
ENAM for candidates of Yaounde and its surroundings, or mandate letter issued to the Accountant of ENAM for candidates Regions;

5. a criminal record (Bulletin No. 3) dated within three (3) months;

6. a medical certificate dated within three (3) months, signed by a physician of the Administration;

7. a certified copy of the birth certificate, typed and signed by an administrative or municipal authority;

8. the act of integration and authorization to compete for officials issued by the Minister for the Public Service;
9. a stamped envelope.


Access mode in the first year: external and internal competition
Contest Period: from April to June
Competition fees: 150000F
• Training Duration: 2 years Cycle A, Cycle B 1 year, Clerk 2 years
Age limit: 32 years
Contest Location: Yaoundé
Status: Public
• Material in the competition: Division of Administration and Financial Authorities (general culture, economy, public law, language, oral grand jury), Registry and judges (general judicial organization culture, civil, or criminal, language and general oral Board)
• Single Center Contest: Yaoundé
Cost of training: Funded by the state and 600 000FCFA by foreign