In the quest to expand, the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) is open to modernity. Its focus on international cooperation further enhances the quality of training in the institution.

Located below the Ngoa-Ekelle neighborhood, not far from the Yaoundé Municipal Lake, ENAM has an imposing view with its buildings and original architecture, proof of the prestige of this institution which has trained most of the officials of the Cameroonian administration.

Furthermore, ENAM is increasingly asserting itself as a reference school in the Central African sub-region. Besides Cameroonians, students come from neighboring countries like: the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, the Republic of Gabon and the Republic of Chad. The success recorded needs to be enhanced and sustained. Conditions for admission are stringent. Applicants must be well prepared; there is no room for adventurers.

The School offers the training needed for today’s world as concerns governance. Its ideals are: ethics, rigour, sound management of public funds, honesty and moral integrity.

Special emphasis is laid on the promotion of bilingualism to better reflect this distinctiveness which is the envy of other countries. Discipline has also become one of the guiding principles of the Director General.

Also, the institution helps in building the capacities of officials of the public service and of the private sector through its Documentation and Research Centre (DRC).
The outlook is bright with improved facilities, strengthened or enhanced international cooperation.
Improving working conditions is a prime concern of the Director General; the quantitative and qualitative increase of classrooms and offices as well as the ongoing construction of a media library will definitely help to consolidate the reputation of ENAM.
International cooperation is gaining momentum by diversifying. To comply with international standards, and efficiently face globalization challenges, ENAM has established partnership ties with American universities, the City of Philadelphia, French courts, the International Labor Organization, ERASMUS of Porto Novo and ENA of Côte d’Ivoire. These institutions offer advanced training courses to students.

Such is ENAM today with many advantages and resolutely focused on the future.


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