Establishment of the School of Cameroonian Administration (ECA) with the mission to training and development of staff.

Opening of a special cycle to prepare candidates from regions of insufficiently educated former East Cameroon to Test entrance exam to normal cycles.

Creating a preparatory course to prepare candidates speaking of the former West Cameroon in the tests of entrance examinations to rings A and B.

CChange of name: ACE becomes The ENAM (National School of Administration and Magistracy) with a mission to provide training for civilian personnel and financial services of the State as well as the magistrates of the judiciary .

Reorganization of the ENAM: training and development of officers and magistrates Cameroonian organization of special cycle and preparatory cycle.

Creation of the National Centre of Administration and Magistracy (CENAM), including three specialized training institutions:

*ENAM responsible for the training of senior civil servants and financial services; and magistrates.
*ISMP (Higher Institute of Public Management), responsible for the development of senior leaders in the field of public management.
*ITAF (Institute of Administrative and Financial Techniques), responsible for the training of civilian and financial state of the class B clerks and staff.

Reopening of cycles A and B for the training of civilian personnel and financial services of the State and the magistrates of the judiciary. ENAM also has a research and documentation issues for the Administration.

Decree (No. 2005/154 of 6 May) carrying Organization of National School of Administration and Magistracy

Opening admission to the judicial division of ENAM graduates in computer science and economics of higher education

Opening admission to the Division of Judges and Clerk graduates in Computer Science and Economics of Higher Education.