Title of legislation foundNature
Setting the mode of presentation, budget execution conditions of the Federal Republic of Cameroon, revenues, expenses and all related transactionsOrdinance
Reorganizing the Convention CentreDecree
On the right of copyright and related rightsLaw
Relating the archivesLaw
Fixing the procedure for application of Law No. 2000/05 of 17.04.2000 legal depositDecree
On the orientation of Higher Education (French version)Law
Fixing the amounts and terms of payment of the premiums allocated to the personal body of Higher EducationDecree
Wearing special status of officials of bodies of Public HealthDecree
Fixing the allocation terms and amount of the premiums allocated to the officials of the bodies of Public HealthDecree
Dealing classification of provincial centers of Taxation and related ServicesOrder
Establishing general regulations of institutions and public sector companies and parapublicLaw
Amending and supplementing certain provisions of Article 22 of Decree 75/776 of 12/18/75 on the specific status of the body of officials of Financial AuthoritiesDecree
Portant statut particulier du corps des fonctionnaires des Régies financièresDecree
On the establishment, organization and functioning of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA)Decree